Is the Apollo Gate Opener battery necessary if wired to 110VAC?


Question: Roy wants to know… My Apollo gate opener is wired to 110 VAC electric, which in turn is wired to a 12 volt battery. Does the gate open with 110VAC or 12 volt battery? Is the battery necessary if wired to 110VAC?

Answer: Good morning Roy, yes it is necessary, your Apollo is indeed a 12VDC operator and everything runs off of the battery. The 110 VAC is for the trickle charger which keeps your battery charged and conditioned so that your operator can run. You can conceivably replace the electric charger for an SG-4 and a solar panel (or panels, depending on how much use the operator gets) and have a fully solar system.

Question regarding an Apollo Opener only opening 40% of the time


Hey it’s been a while, so how about we answer a few questions from our end users?

Question: Greg would like to know: We have an Apollo 635/636 dual opening board for our gate. It only opens about 40% of the time using remotes. I usually have to walk around and push the button on the side to get it to open the gates. Do I need to replace the board and if so which one?

Answer: Well Greg, I wouldn’t go rushing to purchase a new board quite yet… Maybe we should try cleaning the antenna connectors, all power connections and make sure that the batteries on your remotes are fresh and well charged. I would say that probably over 80% of remote control issues are caused by the transmitters themselves. Good luck to you and please keep us informed.

Question regarding the Apollo 1500 Opener and 635 Control Board


Gail from California has a little situation on her hands: I have an Apollo 1500 gate opener with the 635 circuit board. Attached to it is the EMX CarSense 101 vehicle motion detector with an underground probe.

The problem I have is I had to replace the sensor and someone else took it off and did not mark were the wires go to the board. Is there any way you could send me a diagram of how to put the wires in the right places? I will try to send the diagram of the sensor.

Hi Gail, per your email inquiry, I would be happy to help you with this.

First you will need to identify the following wires on your exit probe.

Probe 12Volt DC Input (Red) = Power +
Probe 12 Volt DC Ground (Black) = Power –
Probe N.O. Relay – Normally open contact on the probes relay
Probe COM Relay – Common contact on the probes relay

Now you will have to…
Connect the Power to the battery directly observing polarity (+ RED and - BLACK)
Connect the COM wire from your probe to the terminal labeled 9 GROUND
Connect the N.O. / Normally Open wire from your probe to the terminal labeled 10 FREE EXIT

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Question regarding the Nice Apollo 1050 Control Board


Question: Julie has a very good question for which I had a very cool answer: We have a Nice Apollo 1050 Control Board gate opener that is set to close at 5:00 Pm, which is now 4:00 PM…how do we change this?

Answer: Hey Julie, I am going to refer you to their web page so you can check out a link which will give you a virtual tour of the board, that very cool link is:

Question regarding Apollo remote range

apollo-1500-250 (1)-free-shipping

Good day techies from around, you know how much I love answering questions, so what say you we take a ride on the wild side and answer a few?

Jim from Texas asked me: : I have a 1500 series Apollo gate opener. My remote control has to be within 7 feet for the gate to activate. This only started today. What do I need to check?

Answer: Good afternoon Jim, well per your recent email, the first thing I would try is replacing the battery on your remote. If this fails to remedy the problem, I would make sure that all of your connections at the control panel are clean and free of corrosion as well as tightened fully to ensure the best possible contact.

And to make things different I got a response to that… Jim responds with: Not my remote batteries. However, when I first tried it, and it did not work I tightened the positive cable on the main battery. Then it would work at 5 feet. After about 7 hours everything worked, so I guess, the battery was not charging and ran down. Once charged to give the proper voltage the system, it all worked again. You concur?

Absolutely Jim, any great technician will almost always look for the obvious reason for a problem and most of the time it will have something to do with power or the lack of!!!

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The Apollo 1724 and 1824 Swing Gate Operators


So how about if today we talk about the innovative Apollo 1724 and Apollo 1824 residential swing gate operator for gates of up to 14 feet and weighing up to 400 pounds.

If you have ever installed a Liftmaster LA400, a Viking G5 or a Door King DK6002 then it is time you check out this amazing, all inclusive, very reliable and user friendly (Installer friendly as well) operator. Let’s start with the Apollo 1050 board, one of the most advanced and prolific main control boards in the market today… with an LCD display that works with you for programming, troubleshooting and diagnostics, advanced and innovative obstruction sensing system, plug in receiver (included) with space for over 1000 rolling code devices, integrated (yes it is built into the system) fully programmable 7 day timer, surge protection, fully programmable inputs for all types of peripherals and this whole package is powered by two 12VDC 7 amp batteries that are being charged by an AC power supply connected to a 120VAC source which makes this very reliable as in the event of a power outage you can get up to 200 cycles before the system dies out.

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Question regarding the Apollo 1550 ETL gate operator


Question: Joan in California graced us today with a hint of much needed humor on an otherwise drab Monday: I have the Apollo 1550-ETL model gate motor. I think that the actuator needs to be lubricated ..or not? If lubricating is part of the maintenance then I have found where I think the grease goes But I can’t find how to put it in motor. Please advise me of what is needed… to lube or not to lube?

Answer: Hi Joan, it is preferable not to lube, actually. The Apollo 1550 ETL is a self-contained, maintenance free operator with an “endless screw” system that electromechanically moves the arm shaft in and out opening or closing your gates… The only thing you really need to worry about with your Apollo 1550 ETL is to keep the gate hinges and operator attachment points clean and lubricated.

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Question regarding the Apollo 3500 ETL Gate Opener


Question: Debra wanted to know why this was happening: We have an Apollo 3500 ETL gate opener and lately it will close and then open about 3 feet and stop. We thought it might be the battery. We put a different battery in place and recharged the original battery. It closed and stayed one time after we changed the battery today. Second time we tried, it closed and opened up again about 3 feet. Can you tell me what we need to do so the gate will remain closed?

Answer: Hi there Debra, it sounds like your operator is going past it’s limits and either tripping a safety or pushing against a positive stop and reversing on a safety issue. Now most of the time this can be simply resolved by adjusting the limits on your operator, if you look at your operator from the post you will notice two set screws. With a small screwdriver turn the one on the left side clockwise until you have reached the desired close limit.

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Question regarding the Apollo APL-1724


Question: Mike wanted to know the following: on the Apollo APL-1724 can it push the gate to open it rather than pull to open. With it inside the fence.

Answer: As a matter of fact you can use the 1724 easily with a ‘push to open’ set up. You wouldn’t even have to purchase extra brackets because the ones that come with it will work just fine. To push a gate opening outward all you need to do is install the bracket angled outward from the post, that will give you distance necessary to open the gate a full 90 degrees to the outside of the property.

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Question: My Apollo gate is not closing all the way


Question: Ken’s question is… I currently have a major problem with my gate not closing all the way. It stops about 2′ from where it needs to be., Do you have a company in McKinney that services your gates?

Answer: Sorry Ken, but the good news is that the Apollo operators have a very easily adjusted limit settings, just get yourself a small screwdriver and follow the instructions on the user manual located on our website.

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